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Below is information on some of the gifted teachers and healers that teach our classes/workshops. 

Gyongyi Benedek,
Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Gyöngyi Benedek was born in Transylvania, and she competed one the National Biathlon level for 13 years winning National Champion title 4 consecutive years. She is a certified ski/snowboard instructor and has taught in Romania, Austria, and California.

Gyöngyi was first introduced to Tibetan Singing Bowls while living in Austria. Her teacher Ulriche Kanzi spent 3 years healing her unhealthy body, mind and soul. This inspired her to want to help and share with others this healing method, so she went on to get certified through the Peter Hess method.

Gyöngyi has been in the United States for 3 years and has been healing people with spiritual, physical, and mental issues. She currently resides here in LaQuinta with her husband and also lives in the mountains of Lake Tahoe.
While living in Lake Tahoe she was certified in Reiki Levels I and II. She enjoys incorporating Crystals along with Aromatherapy in her healing treatments. 
She also loves to practice yoga and often plays the singing bowls to share with others during the final relaxation/meditation phase of the class.

Brian Carey,

Spiritual Healer
Brian was born with his natural spiritual gifts.  Throughout the years Brian has developed the knowledge and experience in the world of metaphysics, and still continues to explore and learn what he can.  Brian has a BA in Psychology from Sonoma State University, focusing on Transpersonal Psychology & the subconscious mind.  Brian combine's the knowledge and experience from past lives, earth magick, the subconscious mind, psychology, creative talents (art/music/acting/writing), and information that channels through him in order to help other's on their life's path.  Brian has been working with energy since a young age, which helps him to understand how energy flows and how to work with it to... manifest, heal, or gain insight.  Through studying the subconscious, Brian is able to help other guide through their inner mind to solve problems, gain insight, and heal though guided meditation.  Brian's passion is teaching, and loves to help other's grow and develop their own talents to gain confidence in themselves.  Brian teaches classes on: Psychic Development, Meditation, Forms of Manifestation, Intuition,  Working with Energy, Healing Techniques, Past Lives, Dream Interpretation, Creativity, and Crafting Items for a Purpose.

Dora Few,
Certified Magi Counselor, Spiritual Consultant
Owner of Your Spiritual Journey

Dora Few is a Certified Magi Counselor and an active participant in the Magi Fellowship. Helping people discover the path to their personal spiritual transformations is a passion that she carries deep in her heart. Dora draws from her extensive training as well as experience with her own spiritual journey to advise clients on a range of areas, spanning from employment issues to romantic relationships. Her intuitive skills are empowered by the Destiny Card System, allowing her to offer intimate yet gentle guidance. Dora is available for one-on-one consultations, workshops, private reports or even to teach on how to use the Destiny Card System to benefit others.

Michael Myers
Certified Hypnotherapist

Michael Myers has uniquely combined two powerful and transformative techniques of: Hypnosis and Meditation to create a brand new body of work he calls: HypnoMeditation. He was drawn to become a Certified Hypnotherapist 15 years ago and has been seeing clients in private practice ever since. He was initiated into meditation in 1973, given an Advanced technique both in ‘75 and ’76, initiated into the Sidhi Program in ’79. Michael has been on a spiritual path for over 38 years where he combines mainstream education and experience with significant and powerful metaphysical trainings and techniques. He has his BS degree in Psychology from University of Toledo and a MA in HR from Chapman University focused on Training, In August 2012 he will complete his requirements to be a licensed Spiritual Counselor/Prayer Practitioner RScP, with the Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert, (previously Religious Science Church) a branch of a worldwide spiritual organization. Michael has studies with Masters in India for advanced studies twice in his life and he is totally committed to enlightenment: personal and global. He has evolved in meditation with his own inner Bliss. It is from his Inner Bliss that he is able to help you experience deeper more delicious levels of your bliss in your work with him. Allow him to guide you into that space to experience your own Enlightenment and be changed forever.

Kristi Vaughn,
Angel Therapy Practitioner,
Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer

Kristi is an accomplished spiritual healer and teacher. As a psychic medium, Kristi has helped hundreds of people connect with their deceased loved ones
and guardian angels. She is a student of world famous author and teacher Doreen Virtue PhD. Kristi is also an Angel Therapy™ Practitioner - Medium.

Several years ago, Kristi found her life’s purpose as a Lightworker. Lightworkers are here to share Light and love and healing in the world through many diverse missions. Kristi’s mission is to work as a spiritual healer and teacher, using divine guidance to facilitate healing and enlightenment.

It is Kristi’s belief that each and every one of us has the divinely given birthright and free will to choose his or her own spiritual beliefs. She is a student of many faiths who works with God, Holy Spirit, the Christ, Archangels, angels and ascended masters.